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How Long do You have to do a Drug to get Addicted?



Actually no one really knows how many timesa person needs to do a drug to get addicted. You will know though after enough of doses that you have taken you crave the drug as if it water and your throat is dry or food and you are starving. If you get to te point where the drug has become a daily rutine and you do it every day, you can't go one day without the drug and if you do you will start feeling down, deprest, and even lifeless.

Now without the dosages of the drugs daily your life will start seeming joyless. It all depends on how much you do the drug and how many times a day you do it. It really doesn't go by how many times you have done in order to get addicted it depends on how many days in a week you will start doing and after that the problems will start accuring.







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