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Why do People Take Drugs?


The main reason why people take drugs because it feels good. A lot of American teens for a lot of reason seem to find that marijuana is a harmless drug and not as bad as any other drug is, therefore they do it. What they dont know that it effects your body in any way there is. Also other reasons why people do drugs is so they can forget about problems they have or just to be able to fit in the crowd you are hanging with.

Nobody ever wants to be left out or feel like they are loners therefore they do what others are doing. Also others who still hang out with the friends that do drugs have learned how to say, "No" which that shows they have will power and even they feel higher and better about themselves. By doing drugs that can also let you run away from all of your problems you deal with while being sober. It's either their problems or how they are so stressed out from everything, but there is really no point in doing the drug because it's not like the situation or stree reason you are getting awway is going to be leaving you after you return. When you return from your high you go straight back with your problems.

Another main reason why people do drugs is because they are so sick of their life and they aren't getting anywhere, which causes them to be bored and they get into the drugs to keep them occupied and busy doing something. Wether the reasons are good or not it can also be because you wanted to experiment and when you experimented you got yourself hooked on it and continued, and now you can't get away from it. It effects your mind and physical side that gets you addicted to it. Then after a while it's not wanting, it's needing it.







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